Customizing the WordPress Admin User Interface To Encourage Clients To Take Ownership and control of their website

This weekend I gave a talk at WordCamp Boston with my friend Jake (@redlist) on customizing the WordPress admin interface for clients. If you missed the talk this post is intended to be a brief recap of what we covered.

As someone who uses WordPress on a daily basis I tend to ignore most parts of the admin interface. I know exactly where everything is and it takes me a matter of milliseconds to find most things. But lets take a step back for a second and remember who we are making websites for: the end users and our clients. As web designers and developers we spend so much time on the public facing side of a website that we sometimes forget the admin interface and most importantly the client that will hopefully be managing and updating their site.

In this talk we discussed 4 things you can do to simplify the WordPress admin and make it more usable for non-technical clients.

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