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I had the opportunity to chat with Tim Smith of The East Wing podcast the other day. If you have a few minutes and want to listen to me ramble about design, clients, education have at it!

Saying ‘No’ is one of the most difficult things in the world for me.

I like making people happy. I like designing and developing awesome internet things. I also really like making money. So why the hell would I say no to projects that help me do all of these things?

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So you may have noticed that things look a bit odd on my blog these days. I gutted my years old WordPress them and am starting over from scratch. Its about time I gave my own blog and website some love!

I’ll be attempting to ‘design in the browser’ with my little bits of spare time. So stay tuned and feel free to check back and view source. :)

Only 1,659,230 Requirements - A response to the negativity toward the Boston Globe redesign.

This is a guest post written by @jimmynotjim

On Monday my feeds, as I’m sure yours as well, blew up with the launch of BostonGlobe.com. It’s been a much anticipated launch both within and out of the design community. I was excited to get home and check it out on a browser other than my iPhone just to see how (and to try and decipher why) they handled the content. It didn’t take long for the Negative Nancy’s to start complaining and cut into that excitement.

A few were unimpressed. With all the hoopla surrounding ‘Responsive Design’ lately the Globe fell short of their expectations. Most though complained about the subscription requirements. The number of people expecting free access was outstanding. One tweet read “The future of web design is behind a paywall, something not quite right about that…” and another “A holy screw you to The Boston Globe for paywalls” and even “I’ve always craved something between a newsletter and an AOL keyword that I can’t show my friends” from one ‘web star’.

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Customizing the WordPress Admin User Interface To Encourage Clients To Take Ownership and control of their website

This weekend I gave a talk at WordCamp Boston with my friend Jake (@redlist) on customizing the WordPress admin interface for clients. If you missed the talk this post is intended to be a brief recap of what we covered.

As someone who uses WordPress on a daily basis I tend to ignore most parts of the admin interface. I know exactly where everything is and it takes me a matter of milliseconds to find most things. But lets take a step back for a second and remember who we are making websites for: the end users and our clients. As web designers and developers we spend so much time on the public facing side of a website that we sometimes forget the admin interface and most importantly the client that will hopefully be managing and updating their site.

In this talk we discussed 4 things you can do to simplify the WordPress admin and make it more usable for non-technical clients.

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Looking back on this past month of work and freelancing I’ve noticed a trend in how my work turns out. I’m noticing a relationship between the amount of time I spend sketching and scribbling in my notebook and my satisfaction with the end product. Take a minute and listen to my little audio ramble and let me know if you guys are the same way.

Sketching for better results (mp3)

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