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Men's Health iPad App

But I probably won’t get one just yet… But I AM extremely excited about what this means for the magazine and publishing industry. There’s so much potential with this device to extend and transform the way we consume media. I’m not even sure we know how people will be using the iPad in 6 months time from now. It’s all up to the app developers!

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dribbble invites

Congrats to Scarlett @ScarlettColey & Ralph @ralphsaunders! Hope you both enjoy Dribbble! Thanks to everyone who commented! Will let you know when I have more invites!

So I’ve been on Dan Cederholm’s sorta super top secret Dribbble site for a little while and now and have been enjoying it immensely! I know tweeting about sneak peaks on Twitter have probably been driving everyone nuts. But I have some good news! I have been granted the ability to draft a few players. So here the deal – post a comment with a link to your best piece of work and I have a looksie and draft those I see fit!

Let the games begin!

Don't forget to say hello!

As you probably all know I’m an avid Twitter user. I love interacting with other designers and non designers to share and learn. But all to often Twitter turns into a sea of links and re-tweets. This in itself isnt a bad thing, but I think we (myself included) tend to forget that ACTUAL PEOPLE (for the most part) run these twitter accounts. So take a second to say hello to your twitter friends today.

Follow me on twitter @NikiBrown or send me an email and lets interact. Lets have a conversation!

In this quick tip I’ll show you how to change the case of existing text in photoshop. This can be super handy if you are working with lots of text in photoshop as I was today. If you are too lazy to watch the video the magic keyboard shortcut is shift+cmd+k with the text selected and BAM! ALL CAPS TEXT WOOO!!!

Big thanks to my twitter friends for showing me this tip! (You should follow me on twitter if you aren’t already!)

It’s been mighty quiet here for the past few weeks and some of you might wonder what is going on? Have no fear… I’ve just been insanely busy working on a bunch of top secret projects!

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Google Wave Invites

Hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving! I finally had a chance to disconnect for a few days and relax. When I came back to internet land I noticed that I had 16 Google Wave invites in my inbox to give away.

I’d like to give away the invites to people I’ll actually talk to so if you think that you fit that bill leave a comment and i’ll pick you! :)

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