In this quick tip I’ll show you some font identification tools to help you find that special font.

Links: Identifont, Fonts by similarity, What The Font

Typekit Invites

Hey everyone! I received an email today from the lovely folks at Typekit notifying me that I had invites to giveaway! If you haven’t noticed I have been using the lovely Skolar by TypeTogether for my blog article headlines. So you want in on this Typekit business? Leave a comment and let me know what projects you would like to use Typekit for! I’ll randomly select 4 winners on Sunday October 4th. Yay! Also stay tuned for some more giveaways in the future!

El Lissitzky
I’ll admit it – I had a HUGE design crush on El Lissitsky when I was in school. I had just discovered Russian Avant Guard work and was in love with the red and black color scheme, harsh angles and visual punctuation, and geometric simplicity. Whats not to love? We can learn a lot from El Lissitzky’s work and apply it to our own designs.

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Thanks so much for calling in and asking questions! I’ve tried you answer your questions to the best of my ability. See the questions below from this episodes callers and answer them or ask another question in the comments! If you have a design question please feel free to call 617.752.1483 and leave a voicemail!

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So I randomly stumbled upon a few commercials last night while watching CNN. Both commercials are very interesting in…their own way. I love seeing bananas being used in advertising :) . Click read more to view the videos!

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Logo Works Rip Off designs

I recently received an email from someone asking me for a quote on a logo/illustration. Now In this persons defense – they are not a designer and probably didn’t know any better. Said person mentioned that they were also looking at the service of LogoWorks. And this made me curious so I did a Google search…

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