Designers Cool T-shirts
We are designers – we have great visual taste, and knack for all things cool and this includes tshirts! I asked some of my twitter friends to show me their favorite T’s. These shirts span from nerdy, to cheezy to retro. If you have a cool shirt you would like to add to the list leave a comment and let me know!

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I had a chance to interview Liz Andrade of CMD+Shift+Design. Liz shares her ninja skills, her banana prefrences, and talks about making the jump into the freelance world.

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This is probably old news but i still find it amusing. I’m a t-shirt addict so I dress pretty much like the mac guy.

Made me laugh…a little recreational grammar couldnt hurt :) $20 from sackwear

…trying hard not to buy this t-shirt :) oh threadless…you are hard to quit!!!

Six Ways to Style Blockquotes (CSS Newbie)

CSS Newbie

50+ Kick Ass Logos for Inspiration (Fuel+Your Creativity)

Great post featuring my Tiny Mouse Design logo! :)

Fuel Your Creativity

Excel Drawings (Today and Tomorow)

A friend sent this into me after being distracted by drawing in excel.

Excel Drawings

Shirts for Coders

I especialy like the “give me a fucking <br>” shirt :)


(via CSS-Tricks)

Designing for WordPress (CSS-Tricks)

Chris has been putting out  wonderful series of screencasts showing you how to build a website in wordpress – pretty freaking sweet! Check out the rest of his site as well – very useful resource if you are a nerd like me!

Oh WordPress, How I love thee!

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