Quick Tips

In this quick tip I show you how to make a hatched linen texture that is making its rounds through the interwebs. Hatched texture is the new filter>add noise! :)

In this quick tip I’ll show you how to add some subtle texture to make your designs a bit more realistic and earthy.

I had a reader email me and ask what they should show and not show in their portfolio. In this video I answer the question and take you through some of my current portfolio pieces and talk about what I would show, take out, and how many items I would present in a job interview.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I’ll be happy to answer via a screencast or video!

In this quick tip I’ll show you how to change the case of existing text in photoshop. This can be super handy if you are working with lots of text in photoshop as I was today. If you are too lazy to watch the video the magic keyboard shortcut is shift+cmd+k with the text selected and BAM! ALL CAPS TEXT WOOO!!!

Big thanks to my twitter friends for showing me this tip! (You should follow me on twitter if you aren’t already!)

It’s super easy to make diagonal or custom guides in Illustrator! Just grab the line tool or pen tool, draw the line and then go to view guides make guides. If you are into keyboard shortcuts its apple+5 on mac or control+5 on PC. Walla!

Have a suggestion for a quick tip? Wondering how to do something in Photoshop, illustrator, indesign, dreamweaver, any program? Ask away!

In this quick tip I show you how to rotate and skew brushes in Photoshop.

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