Men's Health iPad App

But I probably won’t get one just yet… But I AM extremely excited about what this means for the magazine and publishing industry. There’s so much potential with this device to extend and transform the way we consume media. I’m not even sure we know how people will be using the iPad in 6 months time from now. It’s all up to the app developers!

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It’s been mighty quiet here for the past few weeks and some of you might wonder what is going on? Have no fear… I’ve just been insanely busy working on a bunch of top secret projects!

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In this quick tip I show you some different ways to control guide placement in Photoshop. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

I had a chance to interview Liz Andrade of CMD+Shift+Design. Liz shares her ninja skills, her banana prefrences, and talks about making the jump into the freelance world.

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A project I worked on at Brunello Creative just launched: Pickup Zone. The client wanted something similar to Web 2.0 startups out there. Pretty cool service.

PickupZone picks up where carriers drop off. Our goal is to make getting packages into your hands as fast, secure and convenient as possible. We sign for and then store your packages at our neighborhood Pickup points so you can feel safe knowing your packages are always cared for and waiting for you.

Just follow our FIND, SHIP, PICKUP process.

What do you guys think?

Woo! My website it up on Folio Stars. Please go there and vote if you have a minute! I wonder who submitted the site :)

I was also asked to be a part of a web design directory which is part of a website called Web Hosting Search. Tiny Mouse Design is featured under Massachusetts! I gotta get on a redesign for that site! <:3)~

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