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Men's Health iPad App

But I probably won’t get one just yet… But I AM extremely excited about what this means for the magazine and publishing industry. There’s so much potential with this device to extend and transform the way we consume media. I’m not even sure we know how people will be using the iPad in 6 months time from now. It’s all up to the app developers!

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Funny useless inventions

I recently found the book  ’Unuseless Japanese Inventions’ by Kenji Kawakami. You have to admire the absurdity and creativity of  some of these  inventions:  Cat dusters, grass toilet seats, high heel training wheels.  I’ve picked out some of my favorites from the book to share with you.

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I had a chance to stop by the Apple Store today to check out all the new sparkling goodies that were recently added to their lineup. I’ve been a bit disappointed that they didn’t have the magic mice out for sale, but they did have them hooked-up (literally) to some of the iMacs. I had a chance to play with one for a few minutes and managed to snag some pics and video.

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Apple Magic Mouse
I have to admit that I have a thing for mice. :) I’m always on the go and usually have a mouse and a laptop in my bag just in case inspiration strikes up an impromptu design session.  I have owned all sorts of mice that have faithfully served on both Mac and PC, but I’m ready to throw them all away for the Apple’s new Magic Mouse…

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Daily Design Bits Best of the Week!

I’m starting a new regular weekly post so you guys don’t miss out on the best of the random cool stuff I find on the interwebs! I’m picking 5 of my favorite finds from the past week that inspired me, made me smile or are just worthy of your attention! If you like what you see head on over to Daily Design Bits and grab the feed!

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If you’ve been following me on twitter you are well aware of what I’ve been up to the past few weeks. :) Today I’m launching another (mini) blog called Daily Design Bits. This blog will feature frequent short posts of all the ‘shiny things I find on and off the interwebs’. Hop on over there and explore (and grab the feed so you don’t miss anything)! You can also submit cool things that you find if you want them to be featured!

Daily Design Bits is powered by Tumblr – which so far has been an AWESOME platform to work with! I’ve got some great content queued up for your viewing pleasure! I’m still tweaking things and setting things up – so if you find something that’s broken shoot me an email and let me know!

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!

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