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Looking back on this past month of work and freelancing I’ve noticed a trend in how my work turns out. I’m noticing a relationship between the amount of time I spend sketching and scribbling in my notebook and my satisfaction with the end product. Take a minute and listen to my little audio ramble and let me know if you guys are the same way.

Sketching for better results (mp3)

source files
Someone asked me a question on Formspring the other day regarding giving source files to clients. While I’ve never had a client ask for the source files, I thought I would ask my twitter friends what they thought. Because this question varies from designer to designer and from contract to contract. Some designers charge for source files, some designers don’t. Some designers have this spelled out in their contract (which is probably a smart thing to do.) Some designers don’t (me!).

So my question to you is this: Do you give your clients source files? Do you charge for that? Why? Why not?

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Ask me questions on formspring!

One of the things I love most about the design community is the willingness to help other. Often times if I have a graphic design or web development question I turn to twitter, dribble, or forrst for help. In a matter of minutes I usually find the answer or the feedback I was looking for. In order to contribute to this ‘helpfullness’ I’ve started to answer questions via Formspring. And If I can’t answer your question I’ll try to find someone who can!

So if you have a graphic design, web design or freelancing related question? I’d love to answer it!

Ask me questions on formspring!

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Let's get back to sketching

Remember back when you were in design school and it seemed like all you did was sketch comps for your design projects? (Ok maybe that was just me having to do hundreds and hundreds of typographic sketches per the assignment of an awesome professor @almahoffmann)

How is it that I’ve fallen away from this practice of constantly sketching out my ideas? I blame my computer! Or something like that…

Oh yeah, I remember. Life gets busy. You have real project deadlines to work with and sometimes the sketching phase can get skipped. Luckily the place that I work encourages and includes sketching as part of our design process. I’ll admit that getting used to sketching again was hard for me. I was so used to immediately jumping on the computer and hashing out my ideas.

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Julia from Unmatched Style caught up with me after the Front-end Design conference managed to get me to ramble on video for a few minutes. I gave a basic recap of my talk (Design is in the Details) as well as chat a bit about what is currently exciting me in the web world. Watch the video and head on over to their site at Thanks for taking the time to interviewing me!

Where Do You Go For Design Feedback?

Just a quick post about design feedback since its been on my mind recent. I’m wondering where you get feedback on your designs? I know there are tons of sites out there that offer this service, but I’m interested in learning about the ones that YOU, dearest blog reader, have used and found valuable!

In Person Feedback

I’m lucky enough to have a workplace that values design feedback. Often times in a project someone will be stuck and we will gather everyone (all 6 or 7 of us) around and give feedback or throw out ideas. Our design crew ranges from interns, co-ops, full time designers, an office manager and art director, so a smattering of ideas and opinions come from this type of critique. I find this to be the most helpful since everyone at work is clued in on the project and its goals.

Feedback From The Intertubewebz

When I do freelance work at night I often tweet about my designs asking for feedback which I’ve found to be very helpful as well. (Thanks to my twitter friends, you know who you are!)

I’ve also found sites like Dribbble or Forrst. Although I have to say that these sites aren’t always geared towards feedback.

I have also been using a site called Concept Feedback for helping critique others work. I’m an expert reviewer at the site (meaning I get kicked a few bucks for my awesome design wisdom & feedback) but I’ve noticed that the community is very large, helpful and prompt on providing actionable design feedback.

Where Do You Go For Design Feedback?

So I’m wondering where you go for design feedback: Online? Offline? I’d love to round up a bunch of resources and share them with other designers. Leave a comment and let me know!

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