Funny useless inventions

I recently found the book  ’Unuseless Japanese Inventions’ by Kenji Kawakami. You have to admire the absurdity and creativity of  some of these  inventions:  Cat dusters, grass toilet seats, high heel training wheels.  I’ve picked out some of my favorites from the book to share with you.

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Daily Design Bits Best of the Week!

I’m starting a new regular weekly post so you guys don’t miss out on the best of the random cool stuff I find on the interwebs! I’m picking 5 of my favorite finds from the past week that inspired me, made me smile or are just worthy of your attention! If you like what you see head on over to Daily Design Bits and grab the feed!

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Remember when you designed your first logo, illustration or poster? Yeah… try not to cringe. :) I recently found some of my old design work and had a hilarious walk through memory lane. I thought I’d share some of my design gems from the past give you the chance to share yours as well!

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This, my friends, is why I love the internets:

*big thanks to Brian Klepper who sent this link my way – you totally made my day!!!!

Next up on my ‘list of side projects’ is Fuel Your Cheese – a one stop shop website for all your cheese related information and inspiration! Check the site out and let me know what you think!

What website should I ‘cheesify’ next? Leave a comment and let me know!

Sometimes brilliance hits us in the middle of the night (or early evening in my case). Yesterday I had the brilliant idea of  creating a new social voting site where designers could vote on their favorite Graphic & Web Design articles. Since i’m obsessed with little cheese eating creatures (also known as mice) I thought I’d give the site a mouse theme.

So here it is guys. Click the link and go try it out. Submit your articles and let me know what you think!

Design Squeak:

*note i’m just poking fun at Designmoo. I had a random idea last night and decided to run with it. In all seriousness it was nice to do something completely unplanned and fun in the realm of design. I forget that design can be fun. So go ahead…give yourself an hour and make something instead of browsing blogs for ‘inspiration’. THE END :)

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