Last week I wrote a review of the GoGoStand and since then I’ve been using my stand everyday (and I love it!!!!). I’m excited to announce that I now have 8 GoGoStands to giveaway to readers of The Design O’Blog!


To enter you must live in the USA. Leave a funny and creative comment below stating why you would like a GoGostand. I will select 8 winners on Friday November 14th at 10pm EST and notify users shortly after that. If you don’t win fear not! You can head on over to the GoGoStand website and snag one for yourself for just $5!

I’m excited to be giving away some sweet stuff on my blog this week! I’m giving away 3  canvas prints of my Space mouse illustration along with 2,000 business cards.  Big thanks to Canvas on Demand and Print Runner for giving away their products!

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iBirds illustration by Niki Brown

Need some cute little birds to cheer up your dull desktop? You are in luck! I stumbled upon some of my old illustrations the other day and decided to wallpapers for your desktop or iPhone. Click the read more link to download and enjoy! Stay tuned fore more in the future!

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Typekit Invites

Hey everyone! I received an email today from the lovely folks at Typekit notifying me that I had invites to giveaway! If you haven’t noticed I have been using the lovely Skolar by TypeTogether for my blog article headlines. So you want in on this Typekit business? Leave a comment and let me know what projects you would like to use Typekit for! I’ll randomly select 4 winners on Sunday October 4th. Yay! Also stay tuned for some more giveaways in the future!

Curious as to what is going on at An Event Apart Boston? Check out A Feed Apart and follow along as everyone tweets about EVERYTHING. It’s like you’re almost there…seriously!


Design the ugliest website you can fathom and win some sweet prizes! How ugly you say? Uglier than this site that i blogged about a while ago.

I’m talkin animated gifs, midis, frames, the whole 9 yards. UGLY UGLY UGLY!!! I want to see gawdy, hurt your eyes and never make you want to look at a computer screen ugly.

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