Saying ‘No’ is one of the most difficult things in the world for me.

I like making people happy. I like designing and developing awesome internet things. I also really like making money. So why the hell would I say no to projects that help me do all of these things?

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Looking back on this past month of work and freelancing I’ve noticed a trend in how my work turns out. I’m noticing a relationship between the amount of time I spend sketching and scribbling in my notebook and my satisfaction with the end product. Take a minute and listen to my little audio ramble and let me know if you guys are the same way.

Sketching for better results (mp3)

A quick audio post from a little while ago, but still on my mind this morning. What sort of relationship do you set up with clients before beginning a project? What sort of expectations do you establish upfront? How much time do you invest in this phase of a project?

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Designing and Building a Web App in a weekend: Drunken Stumble
Drunken Stumble: Plan your pubcrawl:

I had the opportunity to participate in the Boston Hack Day Challenge this weekend. The gist of the event was to get a bunch of designers, devs, geeks, etc in one place, form teams and see what they can make in less than 48 hours.

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Pagebreak Podcast

Hey guys! This week (or past week or so) Liz and I released the 2nd episode of the Pagebreak Podcast! Our book this month was Ignore Everybody and 39 Other Keys to Creativity by by Hugh MacLeod.

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Let's get back to sketching

Remember back when you were in design school and it seemed like all you did was sketch comps for your design projects? (Ok maybe that was just me having to do hundreds and hundreds of typographic sketches per the assignment of an awesome professor @almahoffmann)

How is it that I’ve fallen away from this practice of constantly sketching out my ideas? I blame my computer! Or something like that…

Oh yeah, I remember. Life gets busy. You have real project deadlines to work with and sometimes the sketching phase can get skipped. Luckily the place that I work encourages and includes sketching as part of our design process. I’ll admit that getting used to sketching again was hard for me. I was so used to immediately jumping on the computer and hashing out my ideas.

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