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Which social design community is best for you
Social design communities can be found all over the web and can play a vital role in growing and learning as a designer. I will be reviewing four of my favorites: Flickr, DeviantART, Coroflot and Behance and discussing the positives and negatives of each community.

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You won’t want to miss the next Chat Creative panel on August 26th at 6pm CST! What’s this Chat Creative thing? We like to think of ourselves as a design panel for the rest of the world. Our goal is to help connect the creative community one chat at a time.

The  panel includes Aaron IrizarryAdelle CharlesChad EngleChris SpoonerKyle Steed, and myself . We will be on hand ready to answer your questions! Head on over to the Chat Creative Blog and submit your questions ahead of time to ensure they get answered. I’m really excited to be a part of this and hope to see you guys Wednesday night. :)

If you’ve been following me on twitter you are well aware of what I’ve been up to the past few weeks. :) Today I’m launching another (mini) blog called Daily Design Bits. This blog will feature frequent short posts of all the ‘shiny things I find on and off the interwebs’. Hop on over there and explore (and grab the feed so you don’t miss anything)! You can also submit cool things that you find if you want them to be featured!

Daily Design Bits is powered by Tumblr – which so far has been an AWESOME platform to work with! I’ve got some great content queued up for your viewing pleasure! I’m still tweaking things and setting things up – so if you find something that’s broken shoot me an email and let me know!

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!

The New York Times is quite possibly the worlds most famous newspaper. The NYT website has an Alexa ranking of 101, an average visit time of 4.6 minutes and has over 100,000 websites linking back to its content. They must be doing something right! I read the NYT (website) on a regular basis, but until now I never stopped to think about what exactly pulls me in about the design of this site.

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Everyone has their own style of writing and their own process for maintaining their blog. Some of us are very methodical about how we blog and others are more random. Anyway you look at it, almost every blog is different in some way. On any given day, you can browse a blog in the design community and find new and original content. Other times you may find many blogs have posted almost the same thing, but in a different way, with emphasis on a different sub-topic.

AJ over at Phire Design interviewed several bloggers and designers including myself about their blogging process. Read the rest of the post and let me know what you think!

Niki Brown interviewed at The Crew Design Blog

I was interviewed by the lovely people that run Crew Design Blog. Crew Design is the joint collaboration of four young graphic designers living across the United States (two of them are in Boston!!!)

Read the interview and let me know what you think!

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