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Someone asked me a question on Formspring the other day regarding giving source files to clients. While I’ve never had a client ask for the source files, I thought I would ask my twitter friends what they thought. Because this question varies from designer to designer and from contract to contract. Some designers charge for source files, some designers don’t. Some designers have this spelled out in their contract (which is probably a smart thing to do.) Some designers don’t (me!).

So my question to you is this: Do you give your clients source files? Do you charge for that? Why? Why not?

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Discarded Designs

Nick Snyder recently sent me an email with a question he’s been dealing with at his full time job. “Is it ok to show and code unused designs in your portfolio” I thought answering the question here in order to shed some light on this frustrating topic and hopefully help others out as well.

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So You Call Yourself A Designer?

Computer – checkPhotoshop – checkLots of free time – check. It seems that this is all that is necessary to call yourself a ‘designer’ these days. I believe that there is far more to a designer than software, computers and free time. Designers should have critical thinking skills, understanding of design principals, knowledge of grid systems, typography and much more.

Read the rest of my guest post over at Design Reviver and join the discussion in progress!

In the wake of the popularity of the Clients From Hell site I thought it would be appropriate to talk about good experiences with clients. I had a chance to have a chat with Liz Andrade from CmdShiftDesign and discuss the topic.

What do you think?

Have you had good (or bad) experiences with clients? What was it like? What did you do to foster the client/designer relationship? Leave a comment and join the discussion.

Quality not quantity in design
Photo by Thomas Hawk

In this fast paced world of design how do we keep our focus on quality and not quantity? For the past month I’ve taken some time to evaluate, rethink and regroup. I’m going to try to do a few things differently in order to bring this quality back into my design world.

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iStockphoto now selling stock logos
image source

Impending doom of graphic design or another thing to ignore?

Breaking News!!!! will soon be selling stock logos for a few hundred iStock credits a pop… with a $5 dollar bonus to boot! I thought I would share some of my initial thoughts on this with you and encourage a civil discussion on the topic. Read my thoughts and the official statement below and feel free to sound off in the comments! *UPDATE* Also check out the announcement email that was sent to istock authors.

My Thoughts

I think its interesting that my gut reaction was to be angry about selling stock logos. I wrote a post a while ago on why logos should cost more than $300 that sums up some of my feelings on cheap logo design. Logos are a particularly difficult aspect of graphic design because they require you to summarize a company with a symbol and text. Logos involve a lot of back and forth with the client. A cookie cutter solution seems totally inappropriate!!! But then I remembered that I purchased a stock photo from this morning… and thought… hmmm hypocrisy?

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