In this quick tip I show you a cool and quick shortcut for selecting hex color codes in Photoshop.

Daily Design Bits Best of the Week!

I’m starting a new regular weekly post so you guys don’t miss out on the best of the random cool stuff I find on the interwebs! I’m picking 5 of my favorite finds from the past week that inspired me, made me smile or are just worthy of your attention! If you like what you see head on over to Daily Design Bits and grab the feed!

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El Lissitzky
I’ll admit it – I had a HUGE design crush on El Lissitsky when I was in school. I had just discovered Russian Avant Guard work and was in love with the red and black color scheme, harsh angles and visual punctuation, and geometric simplicity. Whats not to love? We can learn a lot from El Lissitzky’s work and apply it to our own designs.

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In this quick tip I show you how to use the fastest, easiest, and quite possibly BEST ie6 png fix out there! (DD_Belated PNG Fix)

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I was feeling a bit stumped when it came to color and design this past week. I was browsing web galleries and looking through flickr – Nothing seemed to get me out of my design slump. So, I decided to just take a closer look at all the everyday objects around me in my house and in my neighborhood for inspiration. This is what I found:

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I’m on vacation for the next few days so there won’t be any posts for a week or so. But… I thought I would show you what I was up to :) This is what nerds do on vacation!

Btw- if you are looking for color inspiration take a look at kites! Lots of bright and shiny color schemes!

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