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The Internets Are Fun Again! (Thanks To The iPad)

So I contradicted myself… I said I wasnt going to do it but i did. I promptly went out to the Apple store (just down the street from where I work) and bought an iPad. It was an impulse buy. I had been working on a website about an iPad app all week and i just wanted one. Its shiny, pretty and everyone wants one. I thought i would bask in its newness for a bit and then pass it on to my mom – afterall I’m a power user and this thing isnt that powerful… right?

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Men's Health iPad App

But I probably won’t get one just yet… But I AM extremely excited about what this means for the magazine and publishing industry. There’s so much potential with this device to extend and transform the way we consume media. I’m not even sure we know how people will be using the iPad in 6 months time from now. It’s all up to the app developers!

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Apple iPad

Yesterday afternoon I tuned in with the thousands of fanbois and girls to listen to God, (I mean Steve Jobs) introduce Apples newest creation: The iPad.

After my initial non-amusement with the name and product features I couldn’t stop thinking that this product was not made for me – a power user. The iPad is geared towards media consumers – which is who we design for – which is why designers should pay attention.

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Last week I wrote a review of the GoGoStand and since then I’ve been using my stand everyday (and I love it!!!!). I’m excited to announce that I now have 8 GoGoStands to giveaway to readers of The Design O’Blog!


To enter you must live in the USA. Leave a funny and creative comment below stating why you would like a GoGostand. I will select 8 winners on Friday November 14th at 10pm EST and notify users shortly after that. If you don’t win fear not! You can head on over to the GoGoStand website and snag one for yourself for just $5!

Droid has arrived

First, let me start off by saying that I love technology, and I think that the Android platform is pretty cool. I’m glad to see competition in the realm of reallyfreakingcoolcellphones, but the marketing of Verizon’s Droid struck a nerve with me.

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As most of  you know i’m crazy about my iPhone.  I use it for work, business, blogging, communication, fun and many other things. I often have my phone sitting next to me while I work and prop it up against items on my desk so I can read my incoming alerts and messages.

I have been looking for an stand or cradle for a whle but wasnt impressed with anything I’ve seen so far. Most stands out there come at a premium price and I was just looking for something simple. Then I stumbled upon the GoGoStand.

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