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MommyGarten Blog

MommyGarten needed a blog site to help promote their services and profile within the parenting coach industry. I took the brand guides that I had established for the identity and extended them to the web with a custom Wordpress theme. Color and icons were utilized to visually identify developmental categories for posts on the blog. The website is easy on the eyes, soft, colorful and inviting and easy for the client to maintain and update.

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MommyGarten.com - Learn how your baby learns

Banana Tweets!!!

What could be more fun than combining two things that I love? Bananas and Twitter? As a fun side project for myself I decided to tinker with Simple Pie - a PHP based RSS feed parser. Banana Tweets grabs the RSS feed from twitter search for any mention of Bananas and puts them on the page which searches for new tweets every 10 seconds.

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Banana Tweets!

The Galilean Secret

Guideposts needed a website to promote the upcoming release of The Galilean secret by Evan Drake Howard. Coinciding with the cover design I took a photo realistic approach with the design of the site and made use of textures and images to reflect the ancient subject matter of the book.
Designed while working at Brunello Creative.

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The Galilean Secret

Camus A Romance

Author Elizabeth Hawes needed a web presence to help gather buzz around her new book: Camus, A Romance. I designed and created this website to be a hub of information about the book and the author. The site includes social media features, blogs, reviews and other relevant information about the book. The site was coded with XHTML, CSS and a custom content management system.
Designed while working at Brunello Creative.

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Men's Health Yoga Center

Men's Health needed a companion micro site for a special on getting started with yoga. The idea behind site was to create an easy way for men to get started with yoga. I created a calendar based workout schedule that keeps track of the workouts that have been viewed by the user. The design was kept within the standards of the Men's Health brand.
Designed while working at Brunello Creative.

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CSMi needed an informational micro site to showcase one of their new products. Design cues were taken directly from the metallic color scheme of the product and used without the site. The site was designed and coded within a tight timeframe to meet the clients product launch deadline.
Designed while working at Brunello Creative.

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Pickup Zone

Pickup Zone is a startup company that allows customers to have their packages delivered to a local pickup point instead of being delivered to their homes. The client wanted a design that was simple and that easily explained their services the user. I designed the site with this in mind and used illustrations and icons to call attention to important information. The site is clean, simple and easy for users to navigate.
Designed while working at Brunello Creative.

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Des Moines University

While working as an in house Web Designer & Developer at Des Moines University I redesigned, restructured the universities website. DMU wanted a look that was fresh and vibrant that could appeal to several different target user groups. I took all these goals into consideration when designing and coding the site.

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Des Moines University Homepage

Emergency Medicine Club

Students from this club asked me to design a web presence for them that would help keep their members up to date on the clubs events. Since the site was mostly informational I went for a minimal design with subtle medical design cues.

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Emergency Medicine Club Website

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