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MommyGarten Branding & Stationary

Carly Jennings from MommyGarten hired me to help establish the branding for her parenting coaching business. I designed the logo to be friendly and inviting by using friendly shapes, feminine colors and symbols such as a smile child's face - something that every mother can identify with. The book symbol is also utilized to signify learning about child's development. I customized a version of Vag Rounded for the type because it reflected similar shapes and gentle quality that is present in the symbol. The business card and letterhead take the color scheme one step further to broaden the brand as well as utilize familiar scalloped shapes that are reminiscent of decorations present in a child's classroom.

MommyGarten Logo Variations MommyGarten Business Cards & Letterhead

MumTAZ Branding & Packaging

Tommy Singleton contacted me for help with branding and packaging for his up and coming coffee and tea company: MumTAZ. Tommie wanted a logo that reflected the vibrant and quality of his products. I created a colorful flower and star like symbol that expresses vibrant and excellence. I pared the symbol with a flowing brush like typeface to express the organic nature of the MumTAZ products and brand. The coffee packaging extends the established branding by utilizing colors in logo as background colors that will help the product stand out from the competition.

MumTAZ Logo Variations MumTAZ Coffee Packaging

BYOM* Invite

I created this invite for my going away party when I moved from the midwest to Boston. Since I'm a vegetarian I thought it would be funny to have a "Bring Your Own Meat" theme to the party. I designed the invite to be whimsical and funny and reminiscent of butcher paper.

Bring Your Own Meat Invite

Ribbons of Red Logo Design

Renee from Ribbons of Red came to me for help with generating ideas for the re-branding of her freelance design studio. I created several logo concepts centered around the idea of creativity and charity. This was the final version that we settled on which Renee used to modify and continue on her re-branding process.

Ribbons of Red Logo Concept

Self Promotion Business Cards

I designed my business cards to match the layout of my website. I liked the idea of playing with illustrations of paper in print media. UV gloss was added as an overlay over the wood background and my name. I also added a little surprise on the back of the card.

Webboy Consulting Logo

I designed this logo for a PHP developer. I took typography cues from several screen shots of code that the client had sent. I based the logo on the syntax of a comment in PHP. I also used the common font Monaco so the logo could be rendered in HTML and CSS on mac or in Lucida Console on a PC without the use of images.

Webboy Consulting Logo


Sarah Hill Business Cards

I created these business cards for an installation and performance artist. Sarah's work focuses on minimalism and the use of lines. I tried to reflect this in the typography and format of the card. The back of the card features a cropped image of the artists work. Instead of printing custom sized cards we decided to print them 2 up on a regular sized card and then cut in half.

Sarah Hill Business Cards

Financial Aid 101

The financial aid department wanted a quick catchy handout to give to students. I created "Mr. Bill" to lighten the mood of this project and played with the idea that "money grows on trees". Medical school is expensive - you might as well go into debt with a smile on your face :)

Financial Aid 101

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