Customizing the WordPress Admin User Interface To Encourage Clients To Take Ownership and control of their website

This weekend I gave a talk at WordCamp Boston with my friend Jake (@redlist) on customizing the WordPress admin interface for clients. If you missed the talk this post is intended to be a brief recap of what we covered.

As someone who uses WordPress on a daily basis I tend to ignore most parts of the admin interface. I know exactly where everything is and it takes me a matter of milliseconds to find most things. But lets take a step back for a second and remember who we are making websites for: the end users and our clients. As web designers and developers we spend so much time on the public facing side of a website that we sometimes forget the admin interface and most importantly the client that will hopefully be managing and updating their site.

In this talk we discussed 4 things you can do to simplify the WordPress admin and make it more usable for non-technical clients.

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Looking back on this past month of work and freelancing I’ve noticed a trend in how my work turns out. I’m noticing a relationship between the amount of time I spend sketching and scribbling in my notebook and my satisfaction with the end product. Take a minute and listen to my little audio ramble and let me know if you guys are the same way.

Sketching for better results (mp3)

A quick audio post from a little while ago, but still on my mind this morning. What sort of relationship do you set up with clients before beginning a project? What sort of expectations do you establish upfront? How much time do you invest in this phase of a project?

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A Quick Lesson in CSS3 Animation

Hey guys! Long time no post… I’ve been busy working on awesome client projects as well as crafting an identity for my new company: Rocket Mouse Design. Over the weekend I wanted to whip up a simple landing page with some simple CSS3 animation. I learned a few things along the way and wanted to share.

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The Dreaded Franken-Comp

I tweeted out of frustration one morning about the common occurrence known as Franken-Comp Syndrome. This happens when you show a client multiple ‘finished’ mockups for a project and they combine elements from design A, design B, and design C into one design.

I know that everyone out there in design-o-land has encountered this phenomenon at some point in their careers. It’s frustrating, time consuming and makes the design process less enjoyable. So how do we put an end to this?

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The Pagebreak Podcast book for March has been selected and we’ll have our noses in it all month.

The book doesn’t officially release until March 8th, but you can pre-order your copy of Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk on Amazon or get it for your Kindle and read along with us! You could also try and get your hands on the copy we will be giving away! That’s right, we’re giving one away!

Head on over to to find out how to win the book!

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