These speakers are so obnoxious! I want them!! :) I could spend an entire paycheck at the spoonsisters website.

Barry’s Farm has some sweet hand made laptop sleeves! Love the little details, like the inside of the sleeve. I think im just obsessed with things that are either A) Neon, or B) Monster-Critter-Cute-Thing related. I might have to get one of these furry goodies for my lappy!

And a cute little weeee monster pencil case!

For $25 the folks over at will laser engrave a custom design (of your making) into a lovely Moleskine notebook for you. Hmmm…I smell christmas presents!

This was one of their featured artists creations: Adam & Eve. I love the use of the closure band!

Veer has a ton of (probably overpriced) cool stuff in their merch section. Gaze upon the coolness:

A lovely classmate and facebook friend reminded me of my love for all things silly and plush! May I present to you, lovely readers of my blog, GUTS! Yes, thats right, lovely little stuffed plush ORGANS!!! With smiles on their faces!

I heart guts stuffies!

Also, there are little lovely Giant Microbes that I have wanted for quite a while. Gota love the little medical fun things!

Random find on the internets: Plushy Safari trophies! Said blog owner made these for his kid. Creepy and cute!

Plushy Safari

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