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I had a chance to stop by the Apple Store today to check out all the new sparkling goodies that were recently added to their lineup. I’ve been a bit disappointed that they didn’t have the magic mice out for sale, but they did have them hooked-up (literally) to some of the iMacs. I had a chance to play with one for a few minutes and managed to snag some pics and video.

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Apple Magic Mouse
I have to admit that I have a thing for mice. :) I’m always on the go and usually have a mouse and a laptop in my bag just in case inspiration strikes up an impromptu design session.  I have owned all sorts of mice that have faithfully served on both Mac and PC, but I’m ready to throw them all away for the Apple’s new Magic Mouse…

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In this quick tip I’ll show you a magic keyboard shortcut to make an apple logo in Photoshop.

In this quick tip i’ll show you how to easily move your dock around on your mac with 1 click.

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I was browsing through some portfolio websites last night and came upon this very interesting way to present a website. I’m not sure what kind of altered laptop this is…but I want one! :)

Question Of The Week
Its time for question of the week #7! I’m going to post a short little audio clip asking you a question. Feel free to chime in and let me know what you think! I’d love to get a discussion going on in the comments!


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