Design from different perspectives is a series of short video interviews detailing the different kinds of jobs and environments that are available to designers and the pros and cons of each situation. In this video I chat with interview Chad Engle about his experiences working as a designer at an advertising agency. Stay tuned and grab the RSS feed for more interviews with other freelancers, creative directors, in house designers & more!

More About Chad

Twitter: Chadengle

I am a designer & creative consultant. I work on projects large and small. I am also the editor for Fuel Your Creativity.

I created a little thing called Design Community Twitter Hours which, would not be possible without several people. I spend most of my time designing and creating. I try to find interesting and creative things on the web as well as apps that are well designed and fun to use.

What do YOU think?

Do you work at an advertising agency? Wish you could? Want to be interviewed? Feel free to chime! I’d love to hear your take on some of the same questions I asked Chad!

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