Design from different perspectives is a series of short video interviews detailing the different kinds of jobs and environments that are available to designers and the pros and cons of each situation. In this video interview Kevin from Robot Monster Ghost shares his experiences on the the good, the bad an the ugly of freelancing and running a small studio. Stay tuned and grab the RSS feed for more interviews with other freelancers, creative directors, in house designers & more!

A bit more about Kevin…

Twitter: @RMGco

Kevin’s Scarbrough in 2 paragraphs or less:

I’ve designed for a steady diet of unusual clients (a fashion designer in Italy, a Bolivian wine bar, a New Zealand boat manufacturer, a Russian hosting company, etc.). I’ve learned project management the hard/best way.

I’ve hiked to the bottom of the grand canyon, I briefly owned a snarky t-shirt company based on mad science, I helped set up a rave to raise money for Unicef, as a kid I used to try to improve ads on the radio and TV, and on vacation I make up wild stories about who I am.

What do YOU think?

Do you freelance full time or run a small design studio? Wish you could? Want to be interviewed? Feel free to chime! I’d love to hear your take on some of the same questions I asked Kevin!

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