The Internets Are Fun Again! (Thanks To The iPad)

So I contradicted myself… I said I wasnt going to do it but i did. I promptly went out to the Apple store (just down the street from where I work) and bought an iPad. It was an impulse buy. I had been working on a website about an iPad app all week and i just wanted one. Its shiny, pretty and everyone wants one. I thought i would bask in its newness for a bit and then pass it on to my mom – afterall I’m a power user and this thing isnt that powerful… right?

All Play And NO Work!

Well turns out I was wrong. I make the internets all day. I sit in front of a iMac or a Macbook Pro and type away like a good little code monkey. I check twitter and I read blogs posts from time to time – but sitting at a desk and staring at a screen gets old. Sometimes when I get home from work I want to relax and read blogs, but its just not comfortable to sit at a desk and read. I’m also the wierdo that hates using my laptop anywhere but at my desk.

My iPad homescreen and Fever RSS reader

This is where the iPad comes in. Its relaxing to sit there on the couch and surf. Ive noticed in the past week that I actually started reading blogs again (sorry internets for ignoring you for a while) I had been so busy that I stop using the internet for leisure time, for fun. Everything was work work work and the iPad magically changed all that… ok so maybe it isnt magic – but its pretty freaking awesome. The iPad has literaly made the internet fun for me. My RSS feeds arent overwhelming because im not sitting at my desk – Im on my couch with a beer surfing! (the digital version of Homer Simpson).

The Internets…In My Hands!!!

Another interesting tidbit is that when surfing on the iPad for any extended period of time – I stop noticing that I’m actually holding it. I also noticed this while getting really into a few games. Its like the device disappears and i just have the internet in my hands – I know that sounds strange. But I believe that good design – I mean REALLY good design goes unnoticed (well except by the geeky designers out there). Things just work.

So call me a waffler, Apple fanboy, or anything else – but I have to say that I love the iPad and i’m looking forward to all the crazy and amazing things the app developers come out with.