Most 404 pages are dull and boring and lack that little pizzaz that makes web design fun and clever. I was happily surfing the web the other day when I found the 404 page on Astuteo.com and I literally LoL’d and spit my coffee out all over my desk… I thought there have to be more great 404 pages out there like this! Read on for some laughs and a chance to show me your 404 page!


So after a little searching I remembered Chris Coyer’s CSS-Tricks site had a funny (well funny nerdy) 404 page:


Creattica Daily

Crettica Daily’s 404 page says this can’t be – which gives me a chuckle…



Then there’s always my 404 page with a mouse sleeping on a banana :)


But Wait, There’s more!

Smashing magazine has a great roundup of different types of 404 pages.

And theres also a gallery site dedicated to 404 pages: Fab 404

Web Designer Depo also did a post on 50 creative 404 pages

What Does Your 404 Page Look like?

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