This is the second edition its all in the (designer’s) bag! Check out the original post over here –> Graphic Designer’s Bags Part 1.

Now, we all know that designers are cool. They generally dress well, and have a good sense of style. I’ve also noticed that they tend to have cool bags – but what is inside of those bags? I know you are dying to know!! I asked several designers to snag a pic of what they carry around with them on a daily basis.

David Leggett

1 Wallet
2 Leggett Biz Cards (16pt Card Stock for maximum damage when throwing)
3 MacBook (I’m a PC)
4 Moleskine & Uni-ball Pen for jotting down notes on the run
5 BlackBerry Pearl
6 Keys to the Honda Civi… er… Ashton Martin
7 Action Method Dot Grid Book, Action Book, and Runner

Josh Semans

1. Black MacBook on 10.5.6 Leopard
2. iPod Earphones
3. 2nd Gen iPod Touch 32Gb
4. Wallet
5. Mobile Phone
6. Little Book of Calm (don’t ask)
7. Front Row Remote
8. Lynx Bullet
9. Wired Mighty Mouse
10. Electrical Insulation Tape
11. House Key
12. iPod Syncing/Charging Cable
13. MacBook Charging Cable
14. Blank DvD’s and CD’s
15. May 2009 MacWorld Magazine
16. A4 Refill Pad (for drawing, sketching etc)
17. Pens + Pencils

Niamh Redmond

1. Books & Magazines I’m currently reading and a notepad with a pen for writing down/ sketching ideas and taking notes. Right now I’m reading the Toronto pocket guide for my upcoming trip to Toroto (for the FITC design & technology event), “How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul” and the latest issue of Computer Arts.
2. Chewing gum.
3. I-pod in a protective yet stylish Guess case that also stores my money.
4. Mac eyeliner and rimmel lip gloss, my two magic wands ;)
5. Keys with Wonderwoman and MTV “Music. Life. Liberty.” keyrings.
6. Sennheiser headphones. They help with the I-pod.
7. Sunglasses. I may live in Ireland but now and again the sun does shine! Also, it helps to wear them driving the bike.
8. Hat. See point 8 (about living in Ireland… it’s cold). And I love hats. If I’m not wearing one, there’s likely to be one in my bag.
9. Gloves. See previous point about it being cold!
10. Phone. My Sony Ericsson still does me fine. Have been considering buying an iPhone for about 2 years now, lol.
11. Sony DSC-T700 cybershot. Great little compact camera for shooting on the move.

Chris Spooner

1. Mobile Phone
2. iPod Nano
3. 8GB Memory Stick
4. Macbook Charger
5. Diet Coke
6. Various Cables
7. Laptop Bag
8. Macbook Pro

Paul Davis

1. Nikon D40 / 18-70mm
2. Vivitar 80-200mm (30 years old!)
3. Rear lens and body caps
4. Two spare batteries
5. Lyxn Deodorant
6. Phone (Sony Ericsson P1i)
7. Sony Walkman (NWX-A818)
8. Sony Headphones (MDR-EX85LP)
9. Paracetamol
10. Keys (With deviantART lanyard)
11. Wallet

All this goes in a brown Crumpler Muffin Top 7500

Jon Phillips

1- Apple MacBook Pro and power adapter
2- 8GB iPod Touch and headphones
3- Dock connector for the iPod Touch
4- Sharpie marker and pen
5- Pocket-all-in-one-tool-kit-thingy – includes a flashlight, pocket knife, bottle opener, pliers and a screw-driver
6- Motrin (Ibuprofen) – for a lot of reasons
7- Apple remote – for absolutely no reason
8- A couple guitar picks and $3.52 CAD
9- Nail clipper – not sure why I carry it with me though
10- Nokia cell phone
11- Zippo lighter
12- Moleskine large plain notebook for drawing sketches, wireframing and stuff
13- Moleskine pocket ruled cahier for taking quick notes
14- Sunglasses
15- Sunglasses case

Not in the picture:
- Black ‘Init’ back-pack
- Business cards
- OS X 10.5 install DVD (in case of emergency)
- 1GB USB drive
- Logitech mouse (I cannot work using the trackpad on my laptop)
- A firewire cable
- A Canon PowerShot A2000 IS digital camera

Able Parris

1. Moleskine sketchbook
2. Reading glasses
3. Bic 4-color pen
4. Zebra mechanical pencil
5. Wallet from
6. Burts Bees lip balm
7. Reading material- currently Cabinet Magazine
8. Cobalt chewing gum
9. iPhone

Andrew Kelsall

1. Bottle of water. Designers need a well-hydrated brain.
2. Reversible Animal Hat. Yeah, it’s Spring in England―but still freezing in the mornings!
3. Diesel Shades. For those sunny days.
4. RCS Print Catalogue―An excellent print pricing and sample guide from the UK.
5. Moleskine Graph-paper notebook
6. Green Post-it Notes.
7. Bic Ball-point black pens.
8. Apple Mighty Mouse. Well, I’m not going to use a trackpad with Photoshop am I?
9. iKlear screen wipe.
10. Sony in-ear Mega-Bass headphones
11. iPod Shuffle. All the music I need.
12. Animal Rucksack
13. Sony Cybershot Digital Camera leather case (Used this camera to take pic)
14. Phono-to-Sony-Ericsson phone adapter
15. “Tribute phone” (Sony Ericsson G502) I use for Skype―I will use until the iPhone 3 is released ;)
16. A penny found in bottom of rucksack
17. Macbook. What would I do without it?

Nick Satkovich

1. 17″ MBP 2.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM
2. Notepad for jotting down notes or drawing stick figures and a Pilot G-2 07
3. 1st gen iPhone
4. iPhone USB charge cable
5. DVI to VGA just in case clients have an old school projector
6. Money clip
7. Business cards
8. Microfiber cloth for keeping the MBP pristine
9. Wireless Mighty Mouse
10. Keys
11. Jack Spade Messenger Bag

Andrew Taylor

1. Camelbak waterbottle
2. Medic Bag (from Seattle’s Army/Navy Surplus store!)
3. pencil box thing (2 mechanical pencils, sharpie, exacto, staedtler eraser and triplus fineliner)
4. my mock moleskin (mini Pentalic sketchbook)
5. The Duke (my baritone ukulele that goes with me EVERYWHERE)
6. college rules notebook for school and writing songs
7. Anatomy of a Typeface by Alexander Lawson
8. my trusty chucks.

Not pictured: my cheap ass phone and my first gen iPod shuffle

Franz Jeitz

1. Business Cards
2. Headphones
3. iPhone
4. MacBook Pro
5. Digital SLR (sometimes compact)
6. Keys
7. Wallet
8. Pen and Pencil
9. Helvetica Moleskine

Nicole Alexander

1. iphone car charger w/ usb
2. Creative Vado HD cam corder
3. business cards (my employer)
4. cam corder stand
5. perfume
6. checkbook
7. keys
8. thumb drive
9. AMS business cards (our sister company)
10. iphone wall/usb charger
11. green mini-marker
12. pilot pen

Liz Andrade

1. Sexy GStar Purse I got for $7
2. Sketchbook
3. Phone
4. iPod
5. USB Drives
6. Business Cards
7. Dell Inspiron Mini9 (autographed by Wil Wheaton)

Ralph Saunders

As you can probably tell this is the bag of a student which contains little money and cheap equipment.

From left to right:

1. 2GB Memory stick: always useful.
2. Phone: Used for calling people, duh.
3. iPod: MP3 playing device.
4. Really crappy bag… seriously I need to get a better one.
5. A watch…although I have no clue why I have it in there… I never use it.
6. Money: A useful resource.
7. Moleskin Sketchbook: Poket sized and useful, this thing goes with me everywhere.
8. Gum wrapper: I need to clean up more
9. A Pencil: C’mon I think you know what thats used for
10. Inhaler: I hate asthma.
11. Rubicks Cube: I get bored easily
12: Pencil Case: Carrys stuff… don’t know whats in there, haven’t looked in ages.
13: Keys: Used to unlock things.
15: Wallet.

Brian Klepper

1. Free Cell Phone – Only developer without an actual iPhone
2. Carbon Fiber Pen – This is better than ‘Seinfelds’ space pen.
3 Aluminum 2gb USB thumb drive.
4. VW Key Fob – Makes me look cooler than I am.
5. A stack of nice satin business cards.
6. Ipod Shuffle – This is when Apple Charged $100 for 1gb of storage?!
7. Franklin Covey leather organizer with contacts, contracts and designs.
8. Ring sketch pad – This is where I keep all notes, sketches and ideas.
9. Aluminum Portfolio – I keep all of my nicest print designs and catalogs.

Jennifer harris

My Kitten – his favorite place to sleep.
under my kitten:

1: wallet full of receipts
2: inhaler (cause i’m allergic to cats)
3: red suckers (used as pacifiers for children)
4: business cards (mine and others I’ve picked up on my travels)
5: cell phone
6: legos
7: crayons
8: notepad
9: goldfish crackers and granola bars
10: juice box
11: lipgloss
12: keys with swiss army knife keychain

Alex ElChehimi

1. 15″ MacBook pro
2. Moleskine Sketch Notebook
3. Notebook
4. Wacom Bamboo Fun
5. Business Cards
6. iPhone
7. Eyeglasses
8. Pens

Stuart Thursby

1. Mac Powerbook G4 (recent addition, adopted one week ago!)
2. Business Cards
3. Sketchbook
4. Set of 12 Staedtler markers
5. Graphic Design Book of the Moment – Currently How To Be A Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul
6. Blue pen
7. Stunk & White’s the Elements of Style
8. (Missing) Elements of Typographic Style – Currently on loan elsewhere
9. Excel. Gotta have it.

Phillip Lovelace

1. Crumpler “The Buck Taker” 17in laptop bag.
2. Moleskine notebook & pencil for sketches and jotting down ideas.
3. Latest reading material. Usually either a web design book or magazine.
4. Toshiba 17in. laptop.
5. Firewire cable just in case I may need one. You never know, right?
6. 40GB SimpleTech Portable Hard Drive containing backup files that I just might need.
7. iPod touch for tunes, podcasts, and quick browsing if wi-fi is available.
8. Logitech MX Revolution. This is one awesome mouse!
9. USB connector for mouse.
10. A couple memory sticks for quickly sharing files if needed.(6GB total)
11. iPod USB connector for charging or adding music.
12. Headphones.

Aaron Irizarry

1. 15′ MacBook Pro.
2. I know it’s whats in my bag… but my bag and lucky “Darth Vader Lego” are too important to pass up.
3. I hate chords, so my wireless mouse is so crucial.
4. Battery Charger for MacBook.
5. Large notepad for doodling.. I mean taking notes in meetings.
6. Cool old ruler that only has inches and picas, and lots of paint I spilled on it.
7. My 160gig iPod and cables.
8. 2 pens a pencil, and a screwdriver
9. Moleskine
10. Business Cards

Bryan Lloyd

1. My bag
2. MacBook Pro
3. Mini Display to VGA adapter
4. Headphones
5. Thumb drives
6. Apple Remote
7. Wireless mouse
8. Firewire 800 to 800 cable
9. Firewire 400 to mini 1394 cable
10. MBP Power Brick & cable
11. Sketchbook
12. Web/CSS O’Reilly book
13. Comic books
14. iPhone

Robert DeVore

1. laptop bag from Wal-Mart
2. The 4-Hour Workweek
3. Moleskines
4. Hugo Cologne
5. GreenStar business cards
6. blackberry charger
7. zen mosaic mp3 player from wal-mart
8. G2 Pens
9. Blackberry Curve
10. Flip Video Camera

Michael Wilson

1. Computer Arts
2. Pencil
3. Pen
4. Moleskine
4. Lynx deodorant

kat neville

1. This is my bag, made by the lovely Katrina Kaye, that I bought in Amsterdam. It’s made from an old school gas mask bag from the war, and some 70s fabric. On it, I have my Jam Factory button.

2. I’m a thirsty girl, so I try and always have some water!

3. I usually do my make-up at work (if I do it at all) so I bring it all around with me!

4. Always have a few pens, pencils and markers floating around in there

5. A hip hop classics cd Olliekav made for me. There’s also a Blueline Medic cd my friend made for me tucked in with it. Keep meaning to transfer them to my computer!

6. There’s usually some sort of craft supplies in my bag. Today, there’s some fimo as I’ve been making little characters (some sleeping cows)

7. USB stick, just in case!

8. My nano, with a case on it

9. Some trucks. Random, I know, but it’s because I was trying to find the perfect truck for thepickuptruck website, so I’ve been buying trucks like mad!

10. Two notebooks… the bottom one I use for everything: sketching, planning etc. and the top one I’m using as a diary

11. Amazing book by Danny Wallace that makes me laugh like an idiot on the tube to work every morning!

Christopher Scott

1. The Bringhurst bible
2. Targus bluetooth mouse (with crappy scroll-wheel)
3. $20 bluetooth ear-piece
4. Graph-paper Moleskin
5. Mac video converter
6. AAA (emergency) batteries for the mouse
7. Wallet
8. Clipboard
9. Keys to the Prius
10. Hard-money sack

Grace Smith

1. Macbook inside CK Bag
2. Car & House Keys
3. Apple Earphones
4. Moleskine
5. iPod Touch
6. Nokia E71 Mobile
7. Moo Cards (My cute business cards)
8. Shades (From my infamous avatar!)
9. Purse
10. Behance Action Runner & Pen

Jan-Hinrich Fehlis

1. Swiss Knife
2. iPod
3. Passport
4. Bach Rescue Remedy
5. Prashad
6. Flash Memory
7. Leads
8. Moleskine Notebook
9. Brush for Camera
10. Multifunction Pen
11. Sunglasses (guess the brand!)
12. Wallet
13. Highlighter
14. Pen

Benjamin Reid

1. Spare earphones, if 3 fails.
2. Camera case for my Lumix DMC-FS3 ( Which normally holds the camera )
3. Sennheiser HD 205 Headphones
4. iPhone
5. 2GB SanDisk USB
6. Ernie Ball, House Of Blues guitar picks
7. Keys, lots of keys. Jack Daniels key ring FTW.
8. Diesel wallet