I spent a semester abroad in Rome, Italy when I was in school. While I was there (studying very…very hard) I took a trip to Zurich where I visited a poster museum. Much to my surprise the exhibit was displaying Italian poster design from Milano. Check the pics I took and keep in mind that these were all designed before Illustrator of InDesign were invented!!!!

Barilla Pasta by Erberto Carboni 1952

Sirenella by Max Huber 1946

I love the dynamic elements in this radio poster by Heinz Waibl 1959

Max Huber 1957 500 Miglia di Monza

Italia URSS by Max Huber 1966

Olivetti Poster by Anna Monika Jost 1966

Love the playfulness of this Olivetti poster by Giovanni Pintori 1950

I love how the type overlays the city map in this poster.

Max Huber 1958 Bergamo 1 Grand Premio

Max Huber

I love the color and warmth of this poster by Silvio Oppola

Salvatore Gregoriete 1969 Mare Grande Mare

I love the simple juxtaposition of image and type in this poster

Pirelli Tires Poster by Bob Noorda 1959

I love the play between the foreground and background typography. I also love that you can see through the black a bit. Nothing digital can ever simulate this printing process!

Pronto by Franco Grignani 1958

Franco Grignani 1957

Fiat Car Posters – Felix Humm 1970


I also snagged some pics of some vintage and non-vintage posters in Zurich, and northern Italy.

These last 2 posters mean a lot to me. One of the first graphic designers I was inspired by was A.M. Cassandre. In order to get accepted to the graphic design program at my school we had to go through portfolio reviews and write a lengthy paper on a poster. This was the poster I was assigned: The Nord Express! Needless to say I about shat myself when I saw the original poster in the studio of Rosmary Tissi and Sigfriend Odermatt (famous Swiss graphic designers…go look them up!)

Another famous A.M. Cassandre poster!

What’s your favorite vintage poster?

Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite (pre-computer designed) poster is!