Logo Works Rip Off designs

I recently received an email from someone asking me for a quote on a logo/illustration. Now In this persons defense – they are not a designer and probably didn’t know any better. Said person mentioned that they were also looking at the service of LogoWorks. And this made me curious so I did a Google search…

Now I must warn you…i’m going to go off for a bit…

Logoworks seems to be a bargain basement design shop aimed at geting small businesses up and running FAST. All their logo packages are less than $700. They promise a 3 day turn around and unlimited revisions on most logo packages.

They also offer 10 reasons why you should hire them. I’ll just interject some of my recently gained knowledge between the bullet points :)

Original, custom logos you can afford, with no hidden fees. See our packages.

…Well original logos you say? Wow…just google logoworks rip off and you will find dozens of direct and obvious rip offs of other logos. Here are just a few examples (originals on the top…rips on the bottom).

Logo Works Rip Off designs

Check out the rest of the Logoworks rip offs here

A fast, convenient, and proven design process.

Logo works promises a 3 day turnaround. I’m sorry, but if a logo can be designed in 3 days then the designer is not utilizing the design process. I usually follow a 3 step process: 1 Research ,2 Designing ,3 Refining. Each phase usually takes about 10-15 hours. No way these designers go through all that in 3 days. One evident solution to this 3 day turnaround must be that they STEAL other designers designs!!! hmmm…

Logoworks supposed 3 day turn around

Professional logo designers in-house and freelance.

Another point i’d like to refute. If they offer logo packages for $300, how can they afford to pay professional designers? hm….

Over 45,000 satisfied customers – 98% would recommend Logoworks to a friend.

…what about those customers who found out their logo is a rip off of a trademarked logo? hmm…

Unlimited revisions for all but one of our packages.

Again this is against the way most logo designers work. You usually get limited number of revisions. Anything other than that you usually pay extra for. How can they afford to pay ‘professional’ designers and offer unlimited revisions.

So lets get back to the title of this blog post…Why Logos Should Cost More Than $300

Well…to put this very frankly: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Great design takes time, research, hard work, discipline, experience, talent, and great communication with the client. When you take shortcuts (especially in price) you sacrifice these things and in turn sacrifice the quality of the logo. I understand that clients are usually looking for a good deal, but really cheap design is not it! (cheap design often ends up like this)

For further and probably more eloquent reading check out Jacob Cass’s article “Why logo design does not cost 5 dollars”. The logos below cost way more than $5 :)

What do you guys think?

Is there a market for el-cheapo design? (obviously) Where does this stand in relation to your skills and services? Do you feel like you have to compete with companies like logoworks? How do we educate clients about these things?