Now I’ll admit that I don’t have an iphone…but I do have an iPod Touch…which is the next best thing! I’ll go over some details of how I use the apps on my touch to help me design and keep my blog up to date!

First off…Just in case you don’t want to read all this I made a short crappy video of some of the apps that I use!

Kern: The Game

First off, I need to keep my typography skills in shape so I downloaded this game. The gist of the game is to position a missing letter in a word that is falling from the top of the screen. The more actuate the kerning the higher the score. Now this game seems simple and easy, but it has proven to be difficult! A fun way to sharpen your type skills and pass the time.

What The Font?

I know that I don’t have a camera on my touch, but I can stil save images from mail or safari and use this app. What The font attempts to identify fonts from your uploaded images. Very useful on the go (especially for iphone users.)


If you run a website or blog odds are you have google analytics set up. This app provides an iphone interface to google’s less than desirable flash graphic interface. Good for checking out your website stats on the go.

Drop Box

While not necessarily an iphone app, the drop box website has a lovey iphone interface. I use dropbox on a regular basis to transfer files between computers. Very helpful if you have a multi-computer set up and need to keep some files synced.

WordPress iPhone App

I ride the subway to and from work every day. This means I have about 30 mins to kill each way. The wordpress iPhone app is extremely usefull when I get blogging ideas on the train. In fact, many of the first drafts of my posts are composed on this ap!


If you aren’t on twitter now…well you might as well shut your computer down and go back to the stone ages. The design community on Twitter is HUGE! Tons of well known and not so well known helpful designers out there tweeting all sorts of designy goodness. How the heck do you keep up with it? IMO Tweetie is the best twitter app out there. Landscape keyboard, and easy search functions so you dont miss replies.

What Apps Dou You Use?

I’m interested in what applications you guys use – leave a comment and let me know!