Here ye here ye. Design O’Blog readers feast your eyes on the ugliest websites in the world!!! Soon judges will cast their discriminating eye on these sites and declare the ugliest website!!! Thanks to everyone who entered the ugly website contest!!! Leave a comment and let me know which site you think is ugliest!

Liz Andrade
This is a page I made for my cat, Cthulhu. I paid special attention to code using old practices (lots of <br>&nbsp; action to accomplish padding) and you’ll notice the use of frames. The “Cat Dance” page is probably the greatest thing I’ve ever done in life, so check it out – and don’t forget to sign the guestbook!!!

Suzie Kelly

“Ohh, good, thank you, yes.”

Lilian Tula

It’s so wrong, it’s right. Pheonix Right, that is. Now if you excuse me, I have some dezignorzing to do.

Calee Himes

I created my ugly website about 6 years ago when I was a freshman in college. I had 2 previous sites I created between 1996-1997 that I “updated” with this site. This was apparently when I discovered I wanted to be a graphic designer (notice that I refer to graphic design as a hobby in my “about me” section). I used most of the same graphics from the original two sites to create this site, but added some TOTALLY AWESOME custom animated gifs and a SWEET background. I forgot this site existed until a few months back and was totally embarrassed. Then Niki blogged about ugly websites so I thought I’d share. The bandwidth transfer limit on was too low so you could only view one or two pages a day, so I moved it to what will be my future website (when I find time to design it).

John  McKenzie

It’s just some random stuff put together in less than five minutes. I tried to make it as ugly (and annoying) as possible without spending too much time of it, which is the point… right?

Jason Beaird

The default “modern home” theme on my personal site is a few years old now and is therefore quite ugly/stale. I’ll be releasing a full redesign later this month that I’m much more excited about. In the mean time though, you can use the dropdown in the right column of the homepage and select the “1999″ style (or just go to to switch the style to something I might have created in high school. It uses a cookie to keep the same style as you browse the site, so if you want to return to the present, you’ll have to find your way back to the homepage and select “Contemporary Home” from the dropdown. I created this crazy nineties theme as an April Fools gag. You can read the March 31st post for more details: I’m looking forward to seeing all the other ugly websites out there!

Andrew Neher

This is a invite for a house warming party. It is pretty ugly.

Jesper  Johansen
My design is build up with the good old tables and the content is loading from iframes.

I’ve used rainbow colors in the background, some animated gifs, no css

One of the worst thing with it is that I like it.

Ryan Marrs

This was an ugly website before there were ugly websites. This was a tribute to all the things wrong with Geocities. Sorry for not having a Flash intro. Best viewed in IE6.

Odin Dutton

It was designed by yours truly about 7 ish years ago in the school library because we didnt have the internet at home. I was completly serious about this website and had no idea what I was doing. I couldnt belive when I found it was still online after all these years. Good old 50megs hosting, add supported but hey, you can’t even notice them!

Jeanette Hon
Doing this was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be. My concept for this ugly site was to create the most annoying user experience possible. There were some elements I knew I wanted to include before I even started: Blinking text, stretched out images, hard to read fonts, messy unstructured layout, and horizontal scrolling. I don’t think I have reached my full ugly website potential, to me it was very difficult to try and do what is the opposite of intuitive design choices. The strange thing is, most people’s myspaces look like this!

Moe Green

An ugly and simple Fortunecity site from 1998 that I put together while learning HTML…. Enjoy!

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