Design the ugliest website you can fathom and win some sweet prizes! How ugly you say? Uglier than this site that i blogged about a while ago.

I’m talkin animated gifs, midis, frames, the whole 9 yards. UGLY UGLY UGLY!!! I want to see gawdy, hurt your eyes and never make you want to look at a computer screen ugly.

Why in the world would any sane designer want to do this? Because its fun to break the rules. So go ahead – open a free angelfire web hosting account (bonus points for pop up ads) and uglify to your hearts content.


The prizes include:

1 gig iPod shuffle from

1 year premium membership from – site monitoring service that emails and texts you when your site is down. (from Chris at CSS-tricks)

Premium wordpress theme of your choice from Danny @

A copy of Rockstar WordPress Designer from Collis @Envato!

1 year Flickr Pro membership from Rodger @Styletime


We have a great group of all star designers and bloggers to judge your ugly sites: Chris Spooner from Spoon Graphics, Adelle Charles from Fuel your Creativity, Andy Sowards from Andy Sowards Daily Nerdy Links, and Gram Smith from Im Just Creative.

Submission and Deadlines

Once you are finished you can head on over here and submit your ugly site!

or use this little linky here:

Deadline is March 1st. Sites will be judges soon after this and winners will notified asap!