Coffee packaging

The first in a series of posts on yummy packaging! This time we take a look at some lovely coffee packaging. Quite possibly my favorite area of packaging!

Bull Run Roasting Company

Bull Run Roasting Company Coffee Packaging

Bull Run Roasting Company Coffee Packaging

I’m loving the hand stamped quality of this packaging designed by Jeff Holmberg. This approach makes every package unique, and gives it a hand done feel. It also has a slightly industrial bend which I’m diggin as well!

Images via The Dieline

Stumptown Coffee

Stumptown Coffee Packaging

Stumptown Coffee Packaging

Love this cost friendly concept for Stumptown Coffee by Fritz Mesenbrink that includes slits for color coded cards that contained information about the coffee blend, grower information and location. Clever idea!

Images via The Dieline

Artemis Coffee

Artemis Coffee Packaging

Love the Art Deco style of this lovely simple coffee packaging by Watts Design. Something about the shapes of this design remind me of A.M. Cassandre’s Pi Volo and Dubonnet wine postsers.

Milano Coffee

Milano Coffee Packaging

I’m enjoying the hand written feel of the Milano ‘signature’ on the package. The color coding of the different roasts contrasts nicely with the silver color of the bag. Designed by Demo Graphic.

Calistoga Bakery Cafe

Calistoga Bakery Cafe

Designed by Vrontikis for Calistoga Bakery Cafe.

I’m definately falling in love with this packaging for a few reasons. 1 The bold colors. I like my coffee to be dark and bold, and this color scheme just brings that back for me. 2 Simple illustrations! Love the beans…they also lead your eye around the packaging and to the information on the other panels. 3 The type is visable but blends in nicely with the illustrations.

Grind Coffee

Grind coffee by Talia Cohen

Grind coffee by Talia Cohen

Grind Coffee, a spectacular senior thesis by Talia Cohen of Rhode Island School of Design.

This packaging stands out to be because of its type heavy design and the scale. The coffee is arranged on a scale from 1-6 based on the boldness and darkness of the roast. Very nice student work!

Intelligentsia Coffee

Intelligentsia Coffee designed by Planet Propaganda

Designed by Planet Propaganda.

This packaging has a slightly retro feel. Also  i’m in love with their logo. How could you not love a flying cup of coffee in the morning (or this could be a sign that you NEED more coffee in the morning lol)

Gorilla Coffee

Gorilla Coffee designed by One Trick Pony

Designed by One Trick Pony.

I love the fact that one trick pony managed to combine an illustration of NYC and a gorilla! Look closely and you can see it. I’m also quite partial to the black and red color scheme due to a somewhat unhealthy obsession with constructivism from my college days.

Taxi Cafe

Taxi cafe packaging by taxi

Packaging by taxi cafe

Designed by TAXI.

Very simplistic but effective packaging. Read the copy :) I love it when design is allowed to show a sense of humor!

Ugly Mug Coffee

I posted about ugly mug coffee a while ago when I found it in the grocery store, but its worth pointing out again. I love the fact that they feature pictures of sleepy people and big bold type.

Ugly Mug Coffee is designed by Young and Laramore.

Starbucks Pikes Place Roast

Now i know from my Starbucks vs Dunkin Donuts post that this is a touchy brand for some. But you still have to admire the simplicity and retro-ness of the cup they came out with to show off their pike place roast.

Illy Coffee

Illy coffee’s little red and silver can will always have a special place in my heart. I used to drink illy espresso at home when I was studying abroad in Italy.  The design of these cans are so simple, but so effective and iconic – whats not to love (except the fact that they are suppppper expensive here in the states)

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Know of any other cool coffee packaging out there? Leave a comment and let me know! Thanks!