This Thursday (Dec 18th) 6-8 pm est I will be co-hosting Design Community Twitter Hours ( #DCTH ) along with Chad Engle. What is this DCTH non-sense? Its a weekly time period where you can get answers to your design related questions via twitter.


Designers like you and me!


Design related questions that you need answers to.


Thursdays 6-8pm Eastern Time




There is a need for more collaboration and communication within the design community. This already happens via twitter. #DCTH is an attempt to harness this community and utilize it!

When you post and ask questions this thursday be sure to shoot the tweet to @chadengle or @nebrow or have it contain the hashtag #DCTH that way I/Niki can track and be able to find what you are asking us and reply! Topics can include anything that has to do with design, web or print, your life, schooling, work, anything really. I look forward to seeing you all this Thursday at 6-8pm (est)