I was at dunkin donuts the other day and noticed that they beat Starbucks in a ‘national taste test’. This prompted me to ponder where I get my coffee and why. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve noticed that designers tend to be snobby about their coffee (or their symmetrically designed energy drink of choice *).

Not going to lie here…im not that big of a Dunkin fan, but I do think their design is interesting. I’m a sucker for bold round fonts. But I’m also a sucker for pretty much every package design Starbucks has pumped out (and i prefer their coffee).


Starbucks is constantly changing their coffee packaging line to keep things fresh (pun intended?) However the changes are not drastic enough to confuse the consumer. Their design is highly illustrative which I’m sure appeals to all the designers out there. This illustrative style is carried out in the artwork they display on their store walls and the in store displays.

Pike roast vintage cup

love the texture…kinda looks like letter press

The christmas cup this year

nice type and grid based package

Love these illustrations!

A nice simple coffee mug

Another recent noticeably new design venture for Starbucks in the gold card. Very simple design – with a nice foil stamp on the printed material.

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts has a very noticeable and friendly…almost web 2.0 logo – and much like starbucks they are literally everywhere in the Boston area. I think what dunkin lacks in sophistication they make up for by being iconic. You can almost spot the dunkin donuts colors and logos from a mile away! (or maybe its just that they are literally everywhere :) ) Since dunkin is so popular here, everyone is a walking advertisement every morning as they grab their coffee and donuts and head to work.

Iconic logo…and a colorful donut!

iced coffee packaging

love that this design plays off the nice rounded type of the logo.

not so crazy about their latte cup

apparently they beat Starbucks in a taste test….i think it was rigged :)

I am after your opinion, dear readers

Which coffee chain’s logo/packaging/branding is more appealing to your designer eyes? Which coffee do you prefer? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!