Back in July I wrote my original “Day in logos” post when I was living in Iowa. I thought I would take another crack at it now that I live in Boston – my life is drastically different.

Good morning! its @#$@##$ wayyyy to early AM when I get up. My alarm on my cell phone usually wakes me up.

Coffee is always one of the first things in the morning.

My french press is quite possibly the best thing in the world

Im sort of strange and I put soymilk…..and maple syrup in my coffee :) I’m to lazy to make pancakes everyday so this will have to do!

After my ritual morning caffiene intake I head on over to my computer and begin the blogging! I also turn on CNN because i’m a news junkie.

After my morning blogging I pack my laptop up into my timbuk2 bag and head for work.

Gota have some tunes and video podcasts to watch on my commute!

I take the read line of the T to the green line and boom! I’m at work!

The metro is the crappy free newspaper they give you to bide your time on the T.

Not a logo, but this is my view of downtown when crossing over the charles river. I work right between the two tall buildings!

Sometimes I break down and get crappy coffee and food….hey I work right above a dunkin donuts!!!

Sometimes I take the healthy route and have my banana and oj :)

This is where I work: Brunello Creative

Some of the programs I use on a daily basis at work:




Adobe Creative Suite

I need to upgrade my laptop to leopard someday…

After a few hours of staring at my screen I venture off to trader joes for some tasty cheap lunch! (most likely some form of asian nooooodles!)

One ofthe big clients we work with at brunello is mens health. This yoga website was one of the first projects i worked on.

Sometimes I break out the geetar and play when I get home.

I just got an EEE pc so i been tinkering around with getting the wee little thing set up!

last but not least – sometimes i end the night with a guiness (which is highly recommended by lobsters!)