Wine on the mind

I love wine, but I know next to nothing about it (a semester in Italy did me no good! ) But I DO know what makes interesting packaging, and I tend to make my wine selection this way. Does anyone else do this? Hope you guys enjoy this round up of quirky wine packaging and labels!

Lazarus Wine” is made by blind people and labeled with Braille. Beautiful! Designed by

Volute Wine is a uniquely packaged French wine – they’re bottled in aluminum instead of glass. Not only is the bottle aluminum, but its smaller single-serve size makes it portable and nice for more casual parties.

Promotional packaging for FRANK, designed by Talia Cohen.

By San Francisco based Hatch:

JAQK Cellars is a new wine brand. One born of a long-time passion for great wine and a strong determination to inject a little fun into all aspects of life. Inspired by the Jack, Ace, Queen, and King in the deck of cards, JAQK Cellars is the playful family name for eight distinctive limited production wines, encompassing three from the Napa Valley, one from the Sonoma Coast, and four with a California appellation.

This wine can was winner of the 2006 Swedish packaging design award. It was designed by Jens Andersson and Jonas Forsman and it is notable as an easily recycled single serve can. The design is certainly different from its category, with a hint of wine bottle in the form, but a matte black with pared down graphics.

Quite possibly one of my favorite kinds of wine – A redesign by Turner Duckworth for Fat Bastard wines. Love the quirky name and how the integrated the hippo into the label! Funny yet sophisticated.

An innovative packaging method for wine from South African Versus. This and some other interesting wine packaging innovations are at ShelfImpact! – check it out!

(oops) wine label design by Pearlfisher. I have seen this wine at target before, and its quite tasty (the cheeky little red). The name originates from the fact that they mislabeled the grape type for such a long time that they decided to call it oops!

Last but not least – this was my attempt at some packaging design. I gave these away as Christmas presents to friends and co-workers. I used a playful illustration of a bunch of grapes as a Christmas tree.

Whats your favorite wine packaging?

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