This weekend I wandered out to south Boston with Sarah to see Tara Donovan’s show at the ICA. All I can say is that Tara’s art is freaking sweet. She takes everyday objects and goes off the deep end with repetition. Her installations are amazing and they trick the senses.

Its interesting how she creates something so amazing with simple everyday objects. It makes me think of how we as designers create logos and designs out of simple words and images.

Styrofoam Cups

Plastic Cups

Paper Plates


Kim Rugg

This is another artist that I have recently been inspired by. I have not seen her art for myself, but I still find it fascinating. Kim Rugg takes newspapers, cuts them up and rearranges every single character in alphabetical order in their respective articles and headlines. How crazy and obsessive compulsive is that? It makes you look at everyday text in a different way!

What artists are you inspired by?

Leave a comment and let me know!