We all know that designers are cool. They generally dress well, and have a good sense of style. I’ve also noticed that they tend to have cool bags – but what is inside of those bags? I know you are dying to know!! I asked several designers to snag a pic of what they carry around with them on a daily basis.

Chris CSS-Tricks.com

  1. Keys. Featuring: screwdriver-based multitool, gym membership keycard, and random decorative loop thingy.
  2. Pocket utility blade. I recommend carrying a blade with you at all times. You don’t even realize how useful it is until you start doing it.
  3. Wallet. Featuring a zipper. I fear losing stuff out of my wallet due to loose pockets.
  4. iPhone. Bonus geek points! :)
  5. Notepad. Ideas are much easier to get out when you can jot them down quick rather than have to type them. Plus you can sketch!
  6. Gel pen. I like me gel pens. Smoooth.
  7. Capo. That’s how us banjo players change key.
  8. Headphones. My ears must be deformed or something, because those earbuds just do not work for me. The next best thing for me are these sport wrap things that hold them into place.
  9. Wrist brace. I have pain in my right hand no doubt caused from sitting at the computer FAR too much. RSI probably. This helps a little.

Liz http://www.cmdshiftdesign.com

  • 15″ MacbookPro  & charger
  • 4GB USB Stick
  • 60GB iPod Classic (White)
  • Sony Noise Canceling headphones
  • Business Cards
  • Two ticket stubs for “The Dar Knight”
  • Sketchbook
  • Burt’s Beeswax lip balm
  • Seattle Metro ticket book
  • Various colored old bus transfer slips
  • Crumpled receipt for indian food restaurant around the corner
  • Celphone
  • Sharpie
  • Mechanical Pencil
  • Gel Pens
  • Digital Camera
  • A sandwich baggy full of dried cranberries
  • Wallet
  • Sunglasses

Adelle Charles http://www.fuelyourcreativity.com

  • Business Cards
  • Moleskine Notebook
  • Graph Paper Notebook
  • iphone
  • couple uniball pens (black)
  • western digital 250gb harddrive
  • wallet
  • Design Matters: Packaging (book Im currently reading)
  • encase iphone holder
  • airbook (not shown)
  • Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTI (not shown because I was taking the pic) :)
  • Canon Rechargable Battery

Mat  http://www.matmarquis.com/blog

  • Backpack
  • black bandanna
  • headphones
  • passport
  • MacBook and a/c adapter
  • Achewood key chain
  • Team Brunello game of choice: the Rubix cube

Kaydee http://www.blinnks.com

  • Betsey Johnson Bag
  • Cookie Monster Checkbook
  • Betsey Johnson WAllet
  • Mini Book of Soudoku
  • Ipod Photo
  • Kate Spade Business Card Holder
  • Eclipse gum
  • lighter
  • 3 rimmel lipgloss
  • chapstick
  • $1.25
  • Mess of keys
  • h&m sunglasses
  • Journal for thoughts & ideas
  • Columbus, oh culture event mag: melt
  • assorted pens
  • phone

Curtis Mchale http://www.curtismchale.ca/

  • Chrome Metropolis Messenger Bag

Entirely weatherproof and essential as I do live in BC. 20010 cu. in of super comfy load carrying coolness. You can’t see the cool seatbelt release buckle from this angle but I get stopped on the road and asked about just this feature. Then I nerd out about the rest of the bag. I should be sponsored. Seriously I have convinced 10 or 15 people this summer to go get one.  They are even greatly improved since I got mine. I want a new one just for the new rear light clip. http://www.chromebags.com/products/bags/messenger/

  • HTC Touch

My communication with the world. Can check my email on the road and tweet when it strikes me. keeps all my appointments and contacts.

  • iPod

love music and need it to work by. Will probably be getting a new iPod touch soon but this does the job.

  • Macbook – it’s actually the wife’s cause I’m still saving for my MBP. Check out the cool Gelaskin though.
  • Hardback folder – keeps things from jabbing into your back and keeps papers looking professional
  • Bike lock – only carry it when I am riding my bike which is often
  • Olympus Stylus Digital Camera

I love to take pictures so carry a camera where ever I go. This little guy is a few years old but takes pictures at 314ppi (an arbitrary number I know) and keeps on rocking. I actually have a second one with no battery for the day this gives up the goat. It’s weather proof as well so I use it in the rain and on the side of the river. I also have a Cannon 10D but it’s too big to carry all the time.

carries my moleskins and all of my important cards. A bit big but when I don’t take my big bag it holds my ipod and headphones and cell phone and change… so it’s like my second bag. 9. Old Pair of Smith Slide sunglasses – I hate not having sunglasses so I just keep an extra old pair in my bag. These are also great when I’m riding because they have yellow lenses for low light levels.

  • Deodorant – you just never know
  • Headphones – Ultimate Ears Metro.fi 2 noise cancelling earphones. I love these. they keep distraction out and produce amazing sound. Much better than my last pair of Shures and at 1/4 of the cost.
  • Leatherman multitool -

If I could only count the times that I have used this. Re-attached a canopy to a truck way out in the bush. Fixed bikes for random strangers cause I used to be a bike mechanic and I’m nice. Pulled slivers, unjammed stuff when I shouldn’t have pushed that hard and I’m just that kind of guy. I actually have another small knife not in the picture hidden in the bag.


  1. my brown bag.
  2. black wallet.
  3. green wallet.
  4. brown wallet.
  5. my comb.
  6. black beaded necklace.
  7. headbands, double-banded.
  8. a socket.
  9. hairband, rubberband and pins.
  10. a pen and an eraser.
  11. location tag and my usb drive.
  12. my gsm and cdma cell phones.
  13. some receipts.
  14. patricia highsmith’s ripley’s game
  15. lipbalm.
  16. my face cream.
  17. some change.
  18. my watch.
  19. my sketch/notebook.
  21. fyodor dostoevsky’s crime and punishment
  22. a button.

ME! http://bananasandcoffee.com

  1. Timbuk2 Slant bag
  2. Handy Dandy notebook!
  3. Emergency quarters….just in case i need to spontaneously do laundry or something.
  4. iPod nano (soon to be replaced with a touch!)
  5. Mini moo cards for tiny mouse design
  6. writing utensils
  7. re-useable grocery bag thing
  8. wallet
  9. kitty wanted to be in the pic (i call him cheddar!)