There’s a company that advertises in our local newspaper that features horribly photoshoped squirrels in their ads. A co-worker knew i liked was madly in love with squirrels so she started saving the ads for me. This was thanksgiving last year. So now I present to you a lovely series that will shock and amaze you. I must warn you that some of these are not for the timid at heart. (the live tracing and exposed anchor points are not for young eyes to see!!!)

How it (probably) all happened…

Hey (says CEO to lowly paid designer) I have an idea, horribly photoshop some squirrels, and turn it into an ad campaign! It will be brilliant and memorable, and eventually someone will blog about it! Then we will be famous on the internets!

Thanksgiving Squirrel

This one is just freaking creepy. Headswap!!!

Snowman Squirrel

Still kinda creepy, but not as creepy as Turkey Squirrel…

Indiana Jones Squirrel?

I dont quite get this one…

Artist Squirrel

Poker Squirrel

Wrinlky Motorcycle Squirrel

Nascar Squirrel

Mothers Day Squirrel

Fathers Day Squirrel

Frustrated Tax Squirrel

Graduate Squirrel

2x Rainy Squirrel

Canoeing Squirrel

Sailor Squirrel

Patriotic Squirrel

Army Squirrel

Drunken Golf Squirrel

Ragbrai Squirrel