I tend to select beer based on what the packaging looks like. The crazier and stranger the name or coloring on the package the more likely I am to purchase it. This method of selecting beer is often hit or miss, but the packaging is still cool!

Tokaido Beer

by  Lisa Llanes – Love how she integrated the maps of public transit with this packaging!

Liten Ljus Lager

Simplistic Swedish beer packaging. Makes me want to go get drunk in an IKEA store! :)


…this one made me giggle


Some slick looking metalic bottles

the “premium light” flavor of heineken is pretty slick as well – i’m totally in love with the typeface that the name is set in. The red star also catches my attention.

Pipeline Organic Stout

I like the ripped paper feel on the labels

Bar Beer

Interesting name for Taiwanese beer

I’ve blogged about this before, but i still love this cider packaging!


This is the crappy italian beer I drank while studying in Italy. Its hilarious to me because the name esseitially means blue ribbon. Which makes me think of PBR. :)

Nova Schin

There’s even beer (non alcoholic) for pregnant women…