Wouldn’t it be nice if the internet did everything for you? Well, not EVERYTHING, but…most things? I perused my massive list of bookmarks and found 18 useful web 2.oh-ish-esque something or other generator/automators that are useful to designers/internet addicts.



Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide.


Make long words shorter! – great for twitter


URL shortening and then some: click/referral tracking, automatic page mirroring, an API, and thumbnails

Coded Preview

Coded Preview is a handy little app for web designers and coders. It allows you to create simple HTML preview pages, showing what a template should look like when coded. Coded Preview can also be used to create splash pages.

Coded Preview


Online generator that will make lists for you, chose from several styles flavored and cured with css!


The best online form service out there, hands down.

Rounded Cornr

Generate HTML/CSS code and images for rounded corners.

Write Maps

Cool online site mapping tool – easy to use and easy to share with clients. I’ve used this with clients before and they seem to like it. You can also export XML sitemaps!

Cushy CMS

Super simple CMS – just add tags with the class=”cushycms” and ftp info and BAM! You can edit pages. I set up http://northstarrcommunications.com this way :) Watch the video on their homepage.

Net Renderer

Too lazy to buy a windoze computer and test websites in IE (5.5-8)? Let Net Renderer do it!

Type Tester

Ever wonder what Trebuchet MS looks like at 1em with 1.6em leading and 2px letterspace? Type Tester lets you see!

Tabs Generator

Tabbing navigation made easy.

Reflection Maker

Web 2.OH made easy.

CSS Layout Creator

WordPress Theme Generator

Self explanatory

Lorem Ipscream

Lorem Ipsum….web 2.OH style!

The Rasterbator

Old Photo Generator

Check me out in my red flannel running suit! :)

Polaroid Generator


Color pallete generator/community

Twit Refresh

To lazy to refresh your twitter page (if you use the web interface) ? Twit refresh refreshes every minute!

Flaming Text!

Last but not least….a graphic header generating website. I TOTALLY used this back in 1997 to make graphics. haha. oh man!